I am a 7 years experienced french software engineer. I am now specialized in web development using Javascript in all its forms. I am experienced in a wide range of environments: Web, mobile, smart TV and home automation. I value both technical excellence and organizational efficiency as I see software development as a craftsmanship. I am versatile, adaptable and very sociable. “Always improve” is my motto.
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Frontend developerSongkick

    Jun, 2015 - Present8 months

    As member of the product team, I work mostly on delivering and maintaining frontend features in a very Lean process.

    • Deliver and maintain features for an AngularJS based white-label embeddable live music ticket store
    • Architecture and development of a Facebook SDK data capture portal based on ReactJS and redux
  • Web developerQumu / Kulu Valley

    Nov, 2014 - May, 20156 months

    I joined Qumu with several objectives: apply and improve my javascript development skills, enjoy a developer friendly environment and experience life abroad. I did not take me long to take on the Qumu Cloud platform and improve its frontend application architecture and overall quality, for the rest of the team and users to enjoy.

    • Improved frontend application architecture by applying best practices
    • Refactored aging toolchain to cutting edge tools
    • Refactored legacy code into state-of-the-art AngularJS modules
    • Integrated Internationalization
  • Web developerWopata

    Jun, 2013 - Nov, 20141 year 5 months

    Joining Wopata was an opportunity for me to return to my favorite job: web development. In this startup-like context, I learned a lot on both technical and non-technical matters. I was quickly given responsibility of designing some crucial project components or even entire project. While I started on Ruby on Rails based projects, I helped the company transition to frontend web technologies such as AngularJS.

    • Single handedly R&D, architectured and developed a collaborative rich text editor. Based on Ruby on Rails, AngularJS and ShareJS. Try it at: https://storyteller.grp-lab.com/
    • Responsible of boddy.io (100K+ users health advising application) payment API development. Based on Node.js™, Parse.com and Stripe.com.
    • Developed efficient data importers and mobile app synchronizer for a retailing company app.
  • Smart-Home engineerOrange

    Jul, 2011 - Jun, 20131 year 11 months

    Less than a year after leaving Orange, I was hired back as a Smart-Home engineer. It was an opportunity for me to experience another context: smart homes. It was also a chance to take on a new kind of responsibilities, far from the code, by managing a team of 4 people and take part of standardisation processes.

    • M2M Gateway (hardware + software) scenarios feasibility analysis
    • Infrastructure & platform functional architecture
    • Web portal conception and development for a smart home related project
    • OSGi Alliance representative - Home automation working group.
  • Software developerSII

    Sep, 2010 - Jun, 20119 months

    With a degree in my pocket, I quickly joined SII as a software engineering consultant and indirectly worked for my former colleagues. It was an opportunity for we to increase my knowledge of the web technologies, which I already loved.

    • Development and support for the Orange corporate javascript framework
    • Rich Internet Application development for Orange Business Service
    • Architecture and development for an Orange Smart-TV multimedia service
  • Software engineering apprenticeOrange

    Sep, 2007 - Sep, 20103 years

    For my first steps as a professional developer, I had the chance to join Orange and work on many projects in a huge variety of environments and technologies.

    • New generation of set-top-box application development using Google Web Toolkit
    • Multi-device development solutions study
    • Social API development under JavaEE
    • Mobile platform widget development


  • Frontend Web Development
    AngularJSReactJSFlux Architecture(s)Collaborative applicationsOffline applicationsData visualizationLocalization
  • Javascript applications & paradigms
    FunctionalReactiveES6CoffeescriptFrontendBackendCLI tools
  • API developement
    Node.js™API and SaaS integrationsWorkersnoSQL DBSQL DB
  • Workflow
    gitgit-flowcode reviewsetting toolchains (gulp, grunt, webpack, browserify and many more)TDDContinuous integration and deployment


  • Information Technology, network and telecommunications engineer, Engineering school, Ecole National Superieur des Télécommunication de Bretagne, Brest, France

    Aug, 2007 - Aug, 2010

  • Computer Science, DUT (Technical Degree), IUT Vannes, France

    Sep, 2005 - Jun, 2007

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Founding member, Festiv'IT

    Jul, 2009 - Present

    Friends and myself have created an association that provides IT support for events, mainly music festivals. We joyfully deploy WiFi and phone networks in temporary and sometime hostile environments. Today this association helps about 15 events a year.

    • Vieilles Charrues Music festival since 2009
    • Papillons de nuit Music festival 2010, 2011 and 2015
    • Saint Nolff music festival 2010


  • Biking

    RidingCommutingBuilding & fixing
  • Squash

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  • Music

    FestivalsConcertsIndiePost-rockElectro-acousticDiscovering new bands